Caterwaul Chili Company

All Good Things Must Come to an End

...and so it is with Caterwaul Chili Company. In July of 2016, Caterwaul Chili Company closed its virtual doors. Thanks to everyone that purchased our seasoning over the past two years and for all of the feedback. Ultimately it was just a matter of viability. Thanks again to everyone that supported us!

Sex on the Grill

Sex on the Grill  is our newest seasoning and is made from a variety of dried chilis, herbs, and other spices. The result is the perfect seasoning for grilling chicken, pork, wild game, and other meats and vegetables. In addition to grilling, the seasoning is excellent for oven broiling and frying and can also be used to add flavor to dips and sauces. The name may be ridiculous, but the taste is ridiculously good! 

Original Seasoning

The earthy and smoky taste of this special blend of ground chili peppers and spices helps to create one of the most complex flavors found anywhere. In addition to making a great bowl of chili, Caterwaul original seasoning can be used with soups, meats, vegetables, omeletes, casseroles, and anything needing an extra shot of bold flavor. Follow one of our recipes to make quick and delicious chili in a 1/2 hour or less, or use it to compliment your own recipes. 

Where to Find Us

Caterwaul Chili Company's original seasoning is now sold in the following Arkansas locations:

Eureka Springs       
Gourmet Eureka
#7 Center Street

Serenity Farm Breads Pastry Shop
805 US Highway 65 South

Little Rock
Children's Hospital Playaway Gift Shop      Eggshells Kitchen Co.
1 Children's Way                                      5501 Kavanaugh Blvd., Suite K

Hillcrest Artisan Meats                             The Green Corner Store
2807 Kavanaugh Blvd., Suite B                1423 Main St.

State Capitol Gift Shop
500 Woodlane Street

Mountain View
Mellon's Country Store
19735 Highway 5 North

North Little Rock       
Hogg's Catering and Meat Market
4520 Camp Robinson Road

For those living outside of central Arkansas, you can purchase seasoning on-line (using PayPal, Credit Card, or Debit Card). We ship to anywhere within the U.S. and orders ship within 3 business days.


Stores interested in carrying our products should contact us by email at owner@caterwaulchili.com or by phone at 501-247-0257.


Click on the link below to find recipes for Caterwaul seasonings.
Caterwaul Recipes